Veggie Burger Delight 
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Veggie Burger


Whole Wheat Bun

Your Favorite Veggie Patty

Certified Organic Clover and Radish Sprouts


Mild Red Sauce (Tapatio?)


French Fries

Time ‘Til Tasty

Prep Time   15 Minutes

Total Time  40 – 60 Minutes

Servings 1 Lucky Duck


  1. Lightly toast a whole wheat bun
  2. Grab your favorite veggie patty fresh from the oven or grill
  3. Add guacamole and a zesty red sauce
  4. Top with organic clover and radish sprouts for a fiesta experience you’ll have to grab the maraca for!
  5. Add top bun with some extra mayo!
  6. Pair with fresh fries.
  7. Enjoy!
  8. Salsa on the side anyone?

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Good Food. Good You.

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